Ezra Veldhuis,
Ezra Veldhuis & Bosse Provoost,
Bosse Provoost,
B, E,
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Bosse Provoost Oshin Albrecht
Videostill 10 pellicule mixed media / pellicule, 16mm, 2019

Coming through / Becoming True is an alte­red, obscu­re 16mm pel­li­cu­le film. The ori­gi­nal foot­a­ge is re-edi­ted and remas­te­red with lay­ers of paint and addi­ti­o­nal scrat­ches. By pro­jec­ting the film as an unfo­cu­sed ima­ge, the medi­um is brought back to its mate­ri­al essen­ce: a fil­te­red and refrac­ted beam of light.

  • 27—31.03.19
    In de Ruimte, Ghent (BE)
Videostill 4 pellicule
Videostill 8 pellicule
Videostill 12 pellicule
Videostill 3 pellicule
Videostill 11 pellicule
Videostill 9 pellicule
Installationview Coming Trough Becoming True Inderuimte c Chantalvan Rijt Installationview © Chantal van Rijt