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Evena Sun Disintegrates©EzraVeldhuis

Even a Sun Disintegrates Now and Then (7′) is a video work by Ezra Veldhuis, Benjamin Cools, Bosse Provoost and Oshin Albrecht. A sha­pe­less figu­re tries to esta­blish itself in a still unborn world. The seed for the work was sown during the cre­a­ti­on of SUN-SET (2020). The figu­re fea­tu­red in the film pre­vious­ly appe­a­red in Matisklo (2018).

To view on request: ezraveldhuis@​gmail.​com or bosseprovoost@​gmail.​com

Darkness: a mis­sing sun here and the­re,
stars that nor­mal­ly, if they could
nor­mal­ly be seen, could dis­clo­se a mor­tal
gathering, almost an envi­ron­ment, far off.
Or light: a warning light buz­zes
but no one calls out, reac­ts:
the explo­si­on gains speed and the dark­ness
hides what might have happened

—Inger Christensen
  • 26.03.22
    Book launch Moya De Feyter @ Fakkeltheater, Antwerp (BE)
  • 21.02.21
    DIAH (Do It at Home Festival), World Wide Web
  • 10—13.02.21
    Beyond the Blackbox Online, Amsterdam (NL)
  • 10.04.21
    Toneelhuis, World Wide Web